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BCL Saborino

60 Mask Pack - Day and Night

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"I want to be beautiful, but I want to skip more!" The time-saving cosmetics brand "Saborino"

The Pack includes:

  • Saborino Morning 1 Minute Mask: 32 Sheet

An all-in-one mask for the morning that can be used for face washing, skin care, and even a moisturizing base by simply applying it to the skin when you wake up .
The yellow eyebrow sheet contains moisturizing ingredients, and has a moderate menthol feel to tighten the skin when you wake up.
By wiping it off quickly when peeling it off, excess keratin and dirt are entwined together.

  • Saborino Night 1 Minute Mask: 28 Sheet

Night care is completed with one mask! 5in1 night sheet mask

Easy 60-second care for tired nights! !!
"Saborino Tiredness Mask" that can be applied to the skin after taking a bath or after washing your face to complete the care before going to bed.
Just pull it out after taking a bath and put it on to complete the night skin care!

Moisturizing & tightening!
A single 5in1 function that makes you happy at night when you're tired! !!

In 60 seconds: Toner + milky lotion + beauty essence + cream + pack Is complete!

Moisturizes and refreshes your skin with a refreshing feeling! Even though it is easy to take care of troublesome nights, it is well maintained.

Total value: 49.80 EUR



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